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Experienced Fight Director, utilizing her skills as both as a Certified Instructor and Actress to create dynamic, entertaining fights for theatre, outdoor festivals and film.

Seventy IV Seconds to Judgment

Fight Choreographer

Part of GoKash Onstage in residence at the Arden

Director: Amina Robinson 

New Jersey Renaissance Faire 2017

Co-Fight Choreographer

Artistic Director:Philip Leiph

Adventurers Guild Fight Show (May 2016)

Fight Choreographer

Director: William Lewis, New Jersey Renaissance Faire

V to X (Sept 2015, Jan 2016)

Fight Choreographer

Director: Kash Goins, Go Kash Productions 

Of Mice and Men (May 2015)

Fight Choreographer

Director: Catherine Pappas, Stagecrafters Theater, Mt Airy PA

Mauritius (Sept. 2015)

Fight Choreographer

Director: Marilyn Yoblick, Stagecrafters Theatre, Mt Airy PA

Knight Train (Aug 2015)

Co-Fight Choreographer

Director: Philip Leif, New Jersey Renaissance Faire

Adventurers Guild Fight Show (May 2015)

Assistant Fight Choreographer

Fight Director: John Williams, New Jersey Renaissance Faire

Farragut North (Sept. 2014)

Fight Choreographer

Director: Jane Toczek, Stagecrafters Theatre, Mt. Airy PA



Superior Donuts (Sept. 2013)

Fight Choreographer

Director: Jane Toczek, Stagecrafters Theatre, Mt. Airy PA


Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson (Jan. 2013)

Fight Choreographer

Director: Dan Student, Plays and Players Theater, Philadelphia PA


Treasure Island (Dec. 2011)

Assistant Fight Choreographer

Fight Director: Ian Rose, Bordentown High School


Certified Teacher, SAFD

Certified Fight Instructor, FDC

Theatrical Firearms Safety, SAFD

Weapons Experience


Single Sword 

Rapier & Dagger






Rapier & Cloak

Case of Rapiers


Shortsword & Shield

Bullwhip (4 ft & 6 ft)

Found Weapons


Solo Baston

Double Stick

Written Within (Feb. 2014)

Fight Director

Director: Kaylah Fitzgerald, KS Productions

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