Terri J McIntyre, Certified Fight Instructor, Advanced Actor Combatant

Terri J. McIntyre is a Theatre Artist in the Greater Philadephia Area.  She has worked in both the onstage and behind the scenes capacities and is always looking for her next project.

Terri graduated from Arcadia University in 2008 with her BA in Theatre Arts and English. While there, she developed a passion for two aspects of theatre: Stage Management and Stage Combat. She stage managed at least one show per school year, including Arcadia's 2008 production of William Shakespeare's The Tempest. She also began her journy as a Fight Director and Actor Combatant by earned recognition of proficiency with all eight weapons tested for in the Society of American Fight Directors before graduating. 

Now Terri is an Certified Teacher  with the Society of American Fight Directors as well as a Certified Fight Instructor with Fight Directors Canada. She has choreographed fights for theatres in the Greater Philadelphia area. She has interned with People's Light and Theatre Company as Assistant Stage Manager as well as helped out with various small productions in the area.  She has studied with some of the best in Philadelphia and around the world.  For more information on her credits, see the various tabs above. 

Whether you are looking for a stage hand, a Stage Manager, an Actress, a Fight Director, or a Stage Combat Instructor, Terri is ready for it all.

Headshot - Smallswords
BKS Headshot - Terri McIntyre
Joan of Arc - Terri McIntyre
Terri with her Whip
Dame Elaine Archery Shoot
Fight Choreography

"I would like to recommend Terri McIntyre for almost anything she sets her mind to....I have come to know her as a student, seen her direct fights, and I value her so much that I continue to use her as an assistant in my regular classes and have had her assist me in rehearsals on numerous shows... As an assistant, she can anticipate the needs of the instructor and is quick to grasp and facilitate the lesson. She is prepared and able to adapt to a variety of difficult situations... When she partners with someone difficult she never allows the student to experience her frustration, but supportively keeps him or her on track. During her mentoring with me, in addition to assisting me in class, she has slogged weapons, cleaned them and learned how I build them... I heartily recommend Terri McIntyre to you. She will be an asset to whomever takes her on."  - Ian Rose, Fight Master (SAFD and FDC)